Attorney at law
School principal at 'Itojuku'
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Makoto ITO_Constitution evangelist

LinkIconConstitution evangelist
As a promoter of the Constitution, Mr. ITO holds various lectures aimed at spreading the value of the Constitution in Japan.

Makoto ITO_Head of Ito Private Preparatory School

LinkIconHead of Ito Private Preparatory School
In order to foster lawyers and government officials able to achieve the principle of "respect for the individual", which is the founding philosophy of the Constitution, Mr. ITO opened "Itojuku" (Ito Private Preparatory School) in 1995 and, as the school principal, has been actively involved in teaching activities.

Makoto ITO_Attorney at law

LinkIconAttorney at law
As a lawyer, Mr. ITO undertakes various activities to restore the real democracy and the rule of the Constitution through legal action. Main fields of involvement are the situation of inequality, in which value of a ballot depends on where a person lives, and the new security legislation has been characterized by many experts as unconstitutional.